The Future @ Volksbühne on September



Show dates:
21.09.2022 19:30 
27.09.2022 19:30

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What the press says:
“Constanza Macras’s theatre acts with amusement and surprise. Through the voracity with which it seems to bite into all the images of the globalized imagination. It must therefore be said from the outset that The Future is a brilliant show.” – Art’o (Read Here)
Human beings have, throughout the ages, felt the urge to predict the future. In ancient times, oracles were consulted, people read in the bowels of sacrificial animals for prophecies, or looked into the constellation of stars up in the sky. For many decades in the past, the eccentric fortune teller Walter Mercado made prophecies about the future in popular tv appearances, nowadays innumerous astrology websites on the internet do the job.
In the future, we will examine the future in the past and various theories of time, oracles and riddles, and, following Karen Barad´s thoughts, the possibility that the past might not have arrived yet. Maybe the future has been slowly cancelled over and over again and all we’re left with is the endless and timeless reproduction of anachronisms.
Like in that club scene in a science-fiction movie: no matter when the film is produced, it’s represented forever as a club in the 1980s when the doomsday clock was showing five minutes to midnight.
There is a storm coming, says the man at the gas station. I know, I say, replay Sarah Connor.
Concept, text and Choreography: Constanza Macras
Dramaturgy: Carmen Mehnert
By and with: Simon Bellouard, Alexandra Bódi, Emil Bordás, Fernanda Farah, Rob Fordeyn, Johanna Lemke, Sonya Levin, Thulani Lord Mgidi, Daisy Phillips, Miki Shoji, Cordelia Eleonore Lange
Live music by and with: Tatiana Heuman, Kristina Lösche-Löwensen, Katrin Schüler-Springorum, Almut Lustig
Composition: Robert Lippok
Stage design: Alissa Kolbusch
Costumes: Eleonore Carriere
Light design: Hans-Hermann Schulze
Sound design: Tobias Gringel
Assistant directors: Mica Heilmann, Darja Ajvazovic
Mask and make up: Spyridon Prosoparis
Dramaturgy assistant: Lili Hering
Costume assistant: Djuna Reiner
Stage assistant: Laurent Pellissier
Direction intern: Mira Hutto
Technical Production Management: Karina Zotz
Production management: Chloé Ferro
Production office: Sarah Lipszyc
Administration/Management DorkyPark: Xiao Yu
Distribution: Plan B – Creative Agency for Performing Arts
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Open Audition Constanza Macras | DorkyPark


We are having an Open Audition on the 16. and 17. September 2022 at Columbiadamm 23, 10965 Berlin. 

For our new production at the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz Berlin we are looking for two dancers. Rehearsals start on the 12. October 2022, the premiere will be on the 19. January 2023. Applicants must be committed to the full production period plus the following repertoire dates of the theatre. 

Dancer (male/other)

-       Contemporary and/or Hip Hop & acrobatic background
-       Musical skills are welcome (playing an instrument/singing/etc.)

 Dancer (female/other) 

-       Hip Hop and acrobatic background
-       Musical skills are welcome (playing an instrument/singing/etc.)

 We kindly ask you to prepare a choreography of your own material (circa 1:30min) and send us a video link of your former work when applying. Call backs will be the day after the audition, Saturday 17. September 2022. If you cannot come to the initial audition on the 16.9., you can come at the 17.9.

HERE you can answer and fill in the needed information!

For any open questions please contact the assistant director via mail under

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Show dates:

05.10.2022: 19:30 – 21:10
19:30 – 21:10
19.30 – 21:10
08.10.2022: 19:30 – 21:10

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OPEN FOR EVERYTHING is a travel through the stagnation of Roma communities in Europe to whom chances to work like any other citizen are rather low, where itinerant traditions have been replaced by sedentary life beside the uprootedness of the group of dancers that move around the world following working opportunities.
Since 2010 Macras has been researching the different ways of life, dance styles and music of the Roma in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In the course of this work she has brought together a large ensemble comprising Roma musicians and performers, amateurs of different ages, and dancers from her company DorkyPark to perform in her new show OPEN FOR EVERYTHING. It is with great aplomb that these very different people recount their lives and their dreams, their despair and their passions. This journey uses music and dance to lead us through the lives of the European Roma of today, seizing upon, playing with, and depicting with humour the prejudices, clichés, misunderstandings, similarities, traditions, discrimination, poverty and violence. Who is making use of whose prejudices? And just who are the true nomads of the 21st century?

Direction and Choreography: Constanza Macras
Dramaturgy: Carmen Mehnert
From and With: Emil Bordás, Daisy Phillips, Marco Contreras Mateluna, Miki Shoji, Louis Becker, Jan Cina, Alexandra Bódi, Jószef Bódi, Iveta Millerová, Elik Niv, Robin Kováč, Kyle Bolvanová, Marketa Richter, Zoltan Horvath, Mia Chanel Bolvanová, Richter Aleš, Shannon Leypoldt, Thulani Lord Mgidi
Musicians: Marek Balog, Milan Demeter, Mário Krajčovič, Martin Fečo, Josef Fečo
Director: Constanza Macras
Assistant Director: Mica Heilmann
Tour Manager: Eva Heise
Costume Manager: Marcus Barros Cardoso
Lighting designer / Technical coordinator: Sergio de Carvalho Pessanha
Stage manager: Anton Lukas
Sound Engineer: Stephan Guenther Holger Woehrmann
Production Manager: Jimena Soria
Production Assistant: Léo Pflimlin

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Show dates:

25.08.2022: 20:00 – 22:00
26.08.2022: 20:00 -  22:00
08.08.2022: 20:00 – 22:00

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21 children and young people from Hillbrow, a district of Johannesburg, outline possible and impossible scenarios for the future of their district and its inhabitants. Hillbrow, originally planned as a model development, is now infamous for its poverty and corruption. On stage the performers dance scenes about »the Hillbrow of the future«. What might a life together in the district look like in an ideal future? We see utopias and dystopias of ghettoisation and gentrification. Aliens land on earth and establish a new social hierarchy where good dancers call the shots. A revolutionary princess with an endless name has the gift of shifting the parameters of space and time. People have learned to levitate off the ground instead of struggling with broken elevators. They deal with the racism and violence they experience daily and subvert stereotypical narratives. The work, created under the guidance of choreographer Constanza Macras, fascinates due to the infectious energy of its performers and humorously challenges our view of how the world operates.

Produced by Constanza Macras | Dorkypark and Outreach Foundation’s Hillbrow Theatre Project.
Co-produced by Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin.
Director: Constanza Macras
Choreography: Constanza Macras, Lisi Estarás
Dramaturgy: Tamara Saphir
Costume Design: Roman Handt
Costume Management, Props Management: Marcus Barros Cardoso
Lighting Design, Technical Direction: Sergio de Carvalho Pessanha
Sound Design: Stephan Wöhrmann
Assistant Director: Mica Heilmann
Tour Management: Eva Heise
Production Assistant: Mica Heilmann
International Distribution Plan B – Creative Agency for Performing Arts Hamburg
Production office: Jimena Soria, Léo Pflimlin
With Miki Shoji, Emil Bordás, John Sithole, Zibusiso Dube, Bigboy Ndlovu, Nompilo Hadebe, Rendani Dlamini, Brandon Mangengelele, Tshepang Lebelo, Jackson Mogotlane, Bongani Mangena, Karabo Kgatle, Sandile Mtembo, Vusi Magoro, Amahle Mene, Thato Ndlovu, Simiso Msimango, Blessing Opaku, Pearl Segwagwa, Ukho Somadlaka, Lwandile Thabede
Production Manager Ruhrtriennale: Karina Häßlein
Technical Project Manager Ruhrtriennale: Darko Šošić
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Premier: I FEEL YOU


SAVE THE DATE - I FEEL YOU von Constanza Macras I DorkyPark

Show dates:
25.06.2022: 20:30
07.07.2022 20:30
08.07.2022: 20:30

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I Feel You is a group of people searching for access to complex feelings such as empathy and excitement through the infinite possibilities of today’s entertainment media. Starting from the nature of digital space and its effects on interpersonal interaction, the choreography is created with the help of neurophysiological findings. It is about the phenomenon that the perception of physical movements, caused by certain emotions of the moving person, generate the same emotions in the observer. This means that we actually feel with the other person – in the truest sense of the word, we can “empathise” with them. The choreography becomes a search for what activates our brain in our body as a result of having such mirror reactions.

Empathy is also treated musically by incorporating genres of classical and pop music, which paradigmatically serve as aesthetically exaggerated empathy catalysts, into the discourse: What is it about them that touches people so strongly, and how is it that massive emotional responses can be generated by mere melodic and rhythmic formulas that linger in our ears and cause an entire opera house or stadium to be flooded with a collective flow of tears?

I Feel You is a creation by and with the five permanent dancers of the company DorkyPark and the collaborative work of musician Santiago Blaum, whose compositions are performed live by the performers.


Regie, Choreography and Musical concept: Constanza Macras
Costumes: Constanza Macras
Musical arrangements: Santiago Blaum
Director´s Assistant: Mica Heilmann
Production Manager: Jimena soria
Production Assistant: Léo Pflimlin
Lighting Design: Sergio de Cavalho Pessanha, Ulrich Kellermann
Sound: Stephan Wöhrmann

With music from Robert Lippok

From and with: Alexandra Bódi, Emil Bordás, Rob Fordeyn, Thulani Lord Mgidi und Miki Shoji

Artis Halle Columbiadamm 23, 10965 Berlin

Thanks to: UTB, Thomas Bestgen, Notker Schweikhardt, Robert Lippok, Eike Surya und HAU.

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In “Open Workshop”, Constanza Macras and her ensemble DorkyPark are presenting the outcome of a collaborative workshop, taking place just shortly before opening its doors to a small audience and therefore forming a rather intimate evening. Dancers of the regional, national, and international independent dance scene will join for a new format of working together creatively, expressing and exchanging ideasfreely and finally showcasing their material on three consecutive days.

The doors are open for the public starting Wednesday, 24 April untill Friday, 26 April from 4pm till 6pm.
Artis Halle, Columbiadamm 23, 10965 Berlin
Wednesday, 24 April until Friday, 26 April from 4pm till 6pm.

Registration for Dancers:
Please send a email to the director’s assistant Mica at

Tickets for the public: 5 Euros
Tickets can be purchased at the door via Paypal or cash.

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Appropriated Labscapes


DorkyPark opens up its creative process for future productions to dancers, performers, actors and everyone in the arts and academic field, interested in participating. In the next months the company will regularly work on an open format of research, rehearsals, laboratory and performance. The very first one starts this Monday.

Thematically the first lab will deal with islands; associated key words are: Paradise, Horror, Insularity, Confinement.
Dancers are welcome to participate starting Tuesday.
From Wednesday on the doors are open to other collaborators and the general public.
Time (Collaborators, who are not dancers & general public):
Wednesday, 23.3. from 4 till 6pm
Thursday, 24.3. from 3 till 5pm
Friday, 25.3. from 3 till 5pm
and Saturday, 26.3. from 1 till 3pm
Time (Dancers only):
Tuesday, 22.3. from 10am till 5pm
Wednesday, 23.3. from 2pm till 6pm
Thursday, 24.3. from 10am till 5pm
Friday, 25.3. from 10am till 5pm
Saturday, 26.3. from 11am till 3pm
Herzbergstraße 40-43
10365 Berlin
To register, please send an email to the directors assistant Mica:
Free admission.
Please make to come with a negative test result (max 24 hours old).
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Next show dates…

SAVE THE DATE – our next shows at the Volksbühne:

Sunday 20th February, 19:30
Thursday 10th March, 19:30
Friday 11th March, 19:30
Tickets available here.

Saturday 5th March, 19:30
Tickets available here.

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Bibliomaniacs is back in December!

SAVE THE DATE – BIBLIOMANIACS by the Itinerant Dance Ensemble is back in December at the Fahrbereitschaft in Berlin Lichtenberg!

Show dates: 16th, 17th & 18th December at 19:30

Direction and Choreography: Lisi Estaràs
By and with: Candas Bas, Eli Cohen, Emmanouela Dolianiti, Shannon Leypoldt, Daisy Ransom Phillips, Asuka J. Riedl

Get a ticket here.

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“The Future” our new production

the_future1_9253m (Web)

© Thomas Aurin
- Coming soon! – We can’t wait to present THE FUTURE, our new production with 13 amazing performers under the direction of Constanza Macras at the Volkbühne !
Saturday 4th December, 19:30
Thursday 9th December, 19:30
Tuesday 21st December, 19:30
Info & tickets here.
A co-production by Constanza Macras | DorkyPark and Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz. Co-producer: Piccolo Teatro di Milano - Teatro d’Europa.
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IMG_4527 wordpress

© Thomas Aurin

We are glad to announce that THE WEST is back at the Volksbühne in October!

Show dates:
22.10.2021 19:30
23.10.2021 19:30

Inspired by various strategies of Western societies and their worldwide influence – from Africa to Latin America – in THE WEST fictional worlds are developed and the means for constructing visual landscapes – which have shaped the social-economic relations between “the other” and Europe up to the present day – are questioned. Exoticism as a projection of Western fantasy wish fulfilment and as aesthetic exploitation of the foreign in the empire of Western mass cultures. During the height of the Cold War, the CIA invested enormous amounts of money in a secret programme that supported cultural propaganda in Western Europe. In In the United States of Africa author Abdourahman Waberi shifts perspective to a reality in which the Western world no longer plays a role. The West sketches out an anthropological, performative study of Western civilisation and takes a humorous look at Western societies as a dream factory of artificial authenticity.

Get your ticket here.


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Places of collective memory silently break through us daily, becoming a part of the photographic image of landscape. They travel unnoticed from  decorative to elements of fiction.

What is a place of collective memory in any case? Is there anything as such?

Is memory anything rather than the same collection of supposedly real events repeated over and over again?

The performative nature of a monument built to rise from the land and to  stand constantly glancing at the individual, cannot but be intervened by  becoming of the same nature.

To question this spaces as a contemporary being requires to initiate the  ritual of memory; in order to understand, the individual must transmute  and give that look back at them.

After a constant investigation and irruption in these spaces through out  the city of Berlin, artist-in-residence Aukanaw shares his performance  with a techno-shamanic ritual where the spectator becomes an active  part of the art piece. This proposal arises as a collaboration with Constanza Macras Dorky Park, Goethe Institute Chile, Slomo Studio for  sound experience design and Sofia Pastor as curator assistant.

- Please register at and receive your  invitation to attend Aukanaw Performance at Tempelhofer Feld,  September 2, 2021 -

Recommendation for the experience:

Bring comfortable clothing and a blanket to lay on the ground.
Bring  some snacks we will share altogether.
Bring your phone charged and your headphones.

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DSC_0046 © Aukanaw Dano_

© Aukanaw Dano

We are very pleased to announce, that with the support of Goethe-Institut Chile, DorkyPark is welcoming the Chilean performance creator and scenic researcher AUKANAW as our artist-in-residency. During his stay in Berlin, Aukanaw will continue working on the concept of „TRANSMUTACIONES LAFKENCHE“ – a site-specific Ritual Installation, in collaboration with the Berlin non-binary sound artist SPOKE.

With this project, Aukanaw investigates how the act of installation – the body turned into a visual sign – is capable of breaking into the landscape, thereby reconfiguring a whole new context, time, history and multiple memories. How is it, that this living image that we observe returns our gaze and questions us sensibly and politically about our being-in the world?

As a work-in-progress, we will invite you to join a try-out ritual on September 2nd and 3rd.
More detailed information soon.

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AUGUST 2021: Stages of Crisis & The Pose

We are glad to finally back on stage. Save the dates for August:

13-14.08 STAGES OF CRISIS @ Gärten der Welt (Tanz im August Festival)
Get a ticket here.

22 & 24-29.08 THE POSE @ Weiße Halle (Gartenfelder, Spandau)
Get a ticket here.

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Save the date! The Pose in an old factory of the Siemensstadt

2_Thomas Aurin

Credit: Thomas Aurin

THE POSE by Constanza Macras | DorkyPark

@  Weiße Halle, Gartenfelderstr. 14-28, 13599 Berlin
H62W+Q5 Berlin

22.08.2021, 18:30
24.08.2021, 19:00
25.08.2021, 19:00
26.08.2021, 19:00
27.08.2021, 19:00
28.08.2021, 19:00
29.08.2021, 18:30

> Tickets available here.

THE POSE deals with memory, the photographic image and self -representation, posing questions about identity and its representation, the relationship between the digital and the analogue and the mnemonic character of photography. How are analogue memories and digital exercises intertwined? In which way are choreographic composition and photographic image similar forms of representation? From the (self-) staging of Selfies to the apparent authenticity of the analogue picture THE POSE takes the audience on a journey through the performers’ stories and histories, that examinates the fictionality and factuality of memory.

THE POSE is designed as a 3,5h long site-specific parcours that guides the spectator through different spaces of the unique former factory halls of Siemensstadt. With original music from Robert Lippok.

Regie und Choreografie: Constanza Macras
Musik: Robert Lippok

Von und mit: Candaş Bas, Alexandra Bódi, Emil Bordás, Chia-Ying Chiang, Rob Fordeyn, Luc Guiol, Sonya Levin, Thulani Lord Mgidi, Ana Mondini, Daisy Phillips, Miki Shoji

Bühnenbild: Laura Gamberg, Veronica Wüst & Chika Takabayashi Licht: Sergio de Carvalho Pessanha, Uli Kellermann Ton: Max Heesen Kostüm: Constanza Macras
Regieassistenz: Marie Glassl, Rosmery Rojas Kostümassistenz: Marcus Barros Cardoso, Valeria Nesis Adaptation Bühne: Elena Popova Produktion: Chloé Ferro Produktionsbüro: Sarah Lipszyc Administration/Management DorkyPark: Xiao Yu Technische Koordination: Stephan Schröder

Headphones provided by Silent Disco.

The show is in English with German subtitles

/!\ Please make sure to bring either a valid negative COVID-19 test result (no self test), proof of vaccination or recovery, plus your ID and a FFP2 face mask. /!\

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Tabori Preis 2021!


With the Tabori Prize 2021, the expert jury of the Performing Arts Fund honours Constanza Macras | Dorky Park. The collective was selected from over three hundred artists and groups supported by the Performing Arts Fund in the last five years.

With the founding of the company Constanza Macras | Dorky Park in 2003, a whole new spirit entered the Berlin dance scene. The Argentinean choreographer and artistic director of the company Constanza Macras, her dramaturge Carmen Mehnert and the international ensemble created a dance language that combined different dance styles. They took the audience mentally and physically into different social and artistic spaces, vehemently asserting the social and political function of theatre and dance spaces. The company’s first works at the Sophiensӕlen, Kaufhaus Jandorf, HAU Hebbel am Ufer and Schaubühne are unforgotten. New aesthetics and content, as in the plays “Back to the Present”, “Scratch Neukölln”, “Hell on Earth” and “Big in Bombay”, were enthusiastically received by diverse and new audiences. Constanza Macras I Dorky Park subsequently won new theatre and festival partners for their projects and were invited to major international festivals worldwide.

The company went through various creative phases, always facing new challenges and turning to different communities and the themes they dealt with. These are often linked to the biographies of the dancers, whose personal experiences are always given an individual space in the pieces. The specific power of the company is also maintained through the continuity in the work with the dancers. It is to the credit of Constanza Macras I Dorky Park that she always fights anew to preserve the company.

The breadth of the artistic work becomes apparent when one looks back today at the more than 25 productions of the company, the choreographic spaces for themes such as memory and questions of coexistence before one’s eyes, up to present-day evenings such as “Der Palast” and “The West”, which were created at the Volksbühne and which critics sometimes describe as monumental works.

In the course of the almost 20 years since the founding of the collective, Constanza Macras and her international ensemble have developed an extraordinary artistic language that is unmistakable and sets aesthetic standards. She combines the various arts with each other to build unique images out of song, dance, language and film, which are repeatedly broken ironically in a skilful way, thus creating a high level of complexity. The company has thus become an important voice with international appeal, which also works at the interface between the institution and the independent performing arts and shows how this can work.
The expert jury of the Performing Arts Fund awards the Tabori Prize 2021, endowed with 20,000 euros, to Constanza Macras |Dorky Park. In doing so, it honours the artistic continuity of this long-standing company, the unique, unmistakable signature of its interdisciplinary, groundbreaking practice, which sets aesthetic standards at an international level.

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