Anouk Froidevaux


Anouk Froidevaux, both Canadian and Swiss in nationality, was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Home to the famous Calgary Stampede, heartland of Canadian cowboys and cowgirls, and rich in oil. However, three weeks after she was born, Anouk and her family moved to the Bahamas, where her Father worked at a fancy resort for retired Americans, washed-up celebrities, and a coke-addicted boss.
After exactly one and a half year of sun, sand, and “General Hospital”, the Froidevaux family escaped to the West Coast of Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia, where Anouk grew up in numerous houses of all shapes and sizes.
Anouk’s first encounter with dance started with two and a half years, in Georg Walker’s class, Tiny Tutus for Two’s, where she excelled in “The Statue Game”. Anouk survived several years of rigorous Checcetti exams, lost toe nails, bitter-sweet local competitions, and a former Russian Bolshoi ballet teacher who brought the whole concept of Tough Love to a new level. At the restless age of eighteen, she took off for Rotterdam, Holland, Europe’s largest port. Since then she has been based in Rome, Amsterdam and Berlin.


MEGALOPOLIS by Constanza Macras | DorkyPark (2009)
OEDIPUX REX by Constanza Macras | DorkyPark (2009)
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I AM WITH YOU # 1 (2015)