Appropriated Labscapes


DorkyPark opens up its creative process for future productions to dancers, performers, actors and everyone in the arts and academic field, interested in participating. In the next months the company will regularly work on an open format of research, rehearsals, laboratory and performance. The very first one starts this Monday.

Thematically the first lab will deal with islands; associated key words are: Paradise, Horror, Insularity, Confinement.
Dancers are welcome to participate starting Tuesday.
From Wednesday on the doors are open to other collaborators and the general public.
Time (Collaborators, who are not dancers & general public):
Wednesday, 23.3. from 4 till 6pm
Thursday, 24.3. from 3 till 5pm
Friday, 25.3. from 3 till 5pm
and Saturday, 26.3. from 1 till 3pm
Time (Dancers only):
Tuesday, 22.3. from 10am till 5pm
Wednesday, 23.3. from 2pm till 6pm
Thursday, 24.3. from 10am till 5pm
Friday, 25.3. from 10am till 5pm
Saturday, 26.3. from 11am till 3pm
Herzbergstraße 40-43
10365 Berlin
To register, please send an email to the directors assistant Mica:
Free admission.
Please make to come with a negative test result (max 24 hours old).
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