A production by CONSTANZA MACRAS | DorkyPark. Funded by a three-year conceptual grant from the Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V., made possible by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

I am with you © Thomas Aurin


I AM WITH YOU is a one-hour long performance made of solos, duos and trios coming out from former group pieces by Constanza Macras. Created in close collaboration and dialogue with members of her own company and guest performers, I AM WITH YOU offers the audience with an one-of-a-kind insight into Constanza Macras’ very process of creation and with an intimate overview over the amazing number of unalike creations that this internationally renowned Berlin artist has produced over the last years.

For me dance does not have to be beautiful and decoratively pleasing. I see dance as a political instrument, in the sense that it exposes the underlying problems of society. My work lives of its performers that bring their cultural input and eclectic knowledge into the concepts I choose to explore – Constanza Macras

Some critics like using the expression ‘trash queen’ when writing about Constanza Macras, and this invariably has a certain nostalgic ring to it.  In her works she unites artists and topics from around the world and her main subjects are consumerism, urban identity, migration, segregation, and the clash of cultures. – Carmen Mehnert

Constanza Macras is the ideal Berlin woman – self-confident and creative with a migrant foreground and plenty of energy, imagination and humour, not to mention a touch of craziness, like all true Berliners, but none of their grumpiness. Born and raised in Argentina, Macras has lived in Berlin for decades. She has enriched the city, rubbing along with it and up against it and creating much-acclaimed pieces, from her earlier “MIR-Trilogie” and “Back to the Present”, set in the disused Jahnke department store to “Scratch Neukölln” and “Hell on Earth” with schoolchildren and “Megalopolis” and “Berlin Elsewhere” on the big stage. – Renate Klett


Direction and Choreography Constanza Macras

By and with Ana Mondini, Emil Bordás, Felix Saalmann, Fernanda Farah, Hyoung-Min Kim, Johanna Lemke, Miki Shoji and Nile Koetting

Technical coordinator Catalina Fernandez

A production Constanza Macras | DorkyPark
Production Management Lucille Steinhilber
Production Office René Dombrowski
International Relations and Distribution Rui Silveira