OPEN STUDIO 44 -Performance and workshop series

OPEN STUDIO 44 -Performance and workshop series

Constanza Macras | DorkyPark invites to a series of workshops and performances held by Constanza Macras and DorkyPark members in January 2014.

Please register for the workshops in advance using the particular email address.

Creating original movement and text
by Constanza Macras

22. JANUARY – 25. JANUARY 2014 // 10h00 – 16h00

© Marco Caselli

ABOUT: In this workshop we will explore different ways of creating movement material with the use of original music and text in a performance as well as the dialog between performers coming from different disciplines. The workshop is open to dancers, actors and musicians.

TICKET: 4 days // 290,00€

Minimum Amount of participants: 10
Maximum Amount of participants: ~25

by Yeri Anarika Vargas Sánchez

10. JANUARY & 11. JANUARY 2014 // 19h30

ABOUT: A story between tragedy, comedy, depth and superficiality that describes the search for identity and getting lost between alienation, longing to belong, with hope and thirst for life. Yeri Anarika tells this story through her dance which is powerful and at the same time fragile. Yeri Anarika uses spanish dialect, music, and cultural codes that characterize Mexico and a foreign mexican.

TICKET: 10,00€


BIO: Yeri Anarika Vargas Sanchez is a choreographer, teacher, and dancer based in Berlin. She studied at the “ADM-INBA” in Mexico city and the” CNDC” in France. Stations as a dancer have been “Tania Perez Salas” in Mexico, “Lanonima Imperial” in Barcelona, Ballet at Landestheater Linz and  since 2003 she is member of the company “Constanza Macras/Dorky Park”. She works as well  as choreographer and performer in opera productions in Berlin. She teaches regularly dance technique, improvisation-composition in Berlin and México. And since 2007 she creates dance-theater projects with schools and young people.

by Miki Shoji

14. JANUARY – 16. JANUARY 2014 // 11h00 – 16h00

ABOUT: My personal approach to dance has been influenced by butoh dance very much. I got many beautiful ideas from it: e.g. how to stand in space and time or integrate body and mind. In this workshop, I will share my Butoh experience with you. The workshop is open for dancers and actors.

TICKET: 3 days // 75,00€

Minimum Amount of participants: 3
Maximum Amount of participants: ~20

© Thomas Aurin

BIO: Miki Shoji was born in Yokohoma / Japan. From 1989 on she studied dance at Michiko Yano Modern Ballet Academy, lateron she became a member of the company. After a few years Miki got involved with Kazco Takemotos DANCE VENUS and participated in many peformances, festivals, outdoor-performances and workshops. Miki was cooperating with various choreographers internationally and extended her education in Butoh and theatre. Since February 2009 Miki lives in Berlin, where she started her cooperation with Constanza Macras | DorkyPark.

by Anouk Froidevaux

17. JANUARY – 19. JANUARY 2014 // 11h00 – 14h00

ABOUT: Dancing The Moment is an improvisation-based workshop designed for both professional dancers and amateurs who want to connect more deeply with themselves through movement. The goal is to use the language of dance to arrive to a heightened state of awareness through a series of guided visualization, improvisation techniques, compositional exercises and choreographic research, as well as, exploring dynamics, qualities and certain states.

The workshop

  • aims to liberate dancers from their own limiting patterns and belief systems.
  • helps them reconnect with the joy of creativity.
  • gives everyone a number of valuable tools that can be used onstage, in the studio during the creative process and also in daily life.
  • allows dancers to feel present and in the moment, by becoming more aware of themselves so they are able to consciously respond to situations rather than impulsively react to them.

TICKET: 3 days // 45,00€

Minimum Amount of participants: 3


BIO: Anouk Froidevaux is a Canadian Swiss dancer and performer who grew up in Vancouver, Canada, where she studied classical ballet and contemporary dance. In 2002, at the age of 18, she was selected as the youngest of her class to join the fourth and graduate year of the Rotterdam Dance Academy, Codarts, which she successfully completed in 2003. Since then she has been working as a freelance contemporary dancer with companies and choreographers in several productions and touring internationally. In 2009, Anouk joined the dance theatre company, Constanza Macras/Dorky Park, based in Berlin and has been part of the major productions: “Megalopolis”, “Oedipus Rex”, “Berlin Elsewhere”, and “Open For Everything”. She is also in the music performance “Serious Immobilities” directed and composed by Ari Benjamin Meyers as a part of his art exhibition “Black Thoughts” at the Esther Schipper Gallery in Berlin. Aside to her performing career Anouk has cultivated her passion for the healing arts, becoming a certified Pranic Healer and fully certified Gyrotonic® instructor.

by Hyoung Min Kim

28. JANUARY & 29. JANUARY 2014 // 19h00

ABOUT: What do I see in the moment of a blinking eyes? What magic did I miss in the forgotten moment of my life.

TICKET: 8,00€


BIO: Hyoung-Min Kim is a choreographer and dancer, living in Berlin.

by Fernanda Farah

30. JANUARY 2014 // 20h30

ABOUT: “In Barroco Recitativo, Fernanda Farah’s cycle for voice and piano, she amazingly melds oblique yet delicately sung melodies, almost childishly simple piano figures and winking lyrics, creating unique songs.” (Stefan Streich) – Guest: Chico Mello

TICKET: 7,00€


BIO: Fernanda Farah is performer, musician and creator based in Berlin since 2001, where she collaborates with composers, musicians, performers and directors. She was artist in residence in Omi Music in New York, and at “quartier 21” in Viena. Fernanda has worked with artists such as Chico Mello, Phillipe Schwinger & Frèdèric Mòser, Antoine Beuger , Christoph Kurzmann, Steffi Weismann, Daniel Ott, Felipe Hirsch, Guilherme Weber, Brandon La Belle, Rafael Spregelburd and Marius von Mayenburg. She is a member of the Constanza Macras | DorkyPark company. She is co-curator from „Labor Sonor“, concert and performance serie in Berlin together with Christian Kesten, Andrea Neumman, Arthur Rother and Derek Shirley.


1. FEBRUARY 2014 // 22h00

To end the OPEN STUDIO 44 series and to welcome the New Year, CONSTANZA MACRAS | DORKYPARK will have a party with a concert performed by DorkyPark members and DJs in the Studio 44.

TICKET: 5,00€

© Ralph Bodin


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