A production by CONSTANZA MACRAS | DorkyPark in collaboration with Robert Lippok. The production is supported from thefunds of the HKF – Hauptstadtkulturfonds.In cooperation with Akademie der Künste Berlin.






THE POSE deepens the research on the subject of memory, images and representation in relation to history and architecture on a more intimate level, taking an extended diachronic perspective and investigating the self-portraying of yesterday and today – from classical Portraiture through historical photo-documents to digital selfies.

How do the iconographic narrative of self-presentation change through the abundance of careless images? Are selfies signs of a serious narcissistic object relationship? Are we dealing here with a regression back to the “mirror stage”, as the psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan described it observing small children, who discover their own reflection for the first time.

In this 4-hour performance, Constanza Macras and the performers of DorkyPark leave the conventional dance-theater stage and lead the audience between the intimate spaces and monument stage pictures of the historical architecture of the Academy of Arts at Hanseatenweg. In this peripatetic walk through the parallel performances, in which walking and thinking are reconciled, the spectators experience the collective memories of the architectural space of Werner Düttmann.


Premiere was in July 2017

Director / Choreography: Constanza Macras
Music / Composition: Robert Lippok (raster media)
Dramaturgy: Carmen Mehnert

By and with
: Emil Bordás, Diane Gemsch, Luc Guiol, Fernanda Farah, Nile Koetting, Thulani Lord Mgidi, Ana Mondini, Daisy Phillips, Felix Saalmann, Miki Shoji
Musicians: Robert Lippok, Anna Schneider, Altaïr Chagué

Models: Annabel Schmieder, Oskar Staudinger, Jan Böttcher

Guest performers: Antonia Gersch, Thora Hohberg, Chiara Keyßelt, Elena Francalanci, Sofia Karagiorgou, Anna Schultze, Giusy Cirillo, Karina Christensen, Anne Decker, Rocio Gottschalk del Pozo, Zoe Ryunhee Kim, Anna Maria Hadorn, Valentina Wong, Bernardita Villarroel, Tim Vandenbroeck, Stefania Petracca, Ikko Masuda, Juliane Naegele, Anjulie Harter, Helen Bergmann, Stefanie Woitun, Maria Engholm Simonsen, Luzi Madrid Villanueva, Déborah Darritchon, Juliane Naegele

Light: Catalina Fernandez
Sound: Fabrice Moinet
Sound / Video Assistant: Nikola Frenking
Stage: Laura Gamberg, Chika Takabayashi, Veronica Wüst
Costume: Daphna Munz & Constanza Macras
Costume Assistant: Anna Lena Dresia
Assistant Director: Helena Casas
Director Trainees
: Neza Drucke, Inga Scheuvens, Lorenz Leander Haas
Stage Trainees: Ana Belén Cantoni, Afra Schanz, Greta Bolzoni

Production Management: Alisa Golomzina
Production Office: Mike Rabenhorst
Distribution and International Relations: Helena Casas

Project Management AdK: Dr. Petra Kohse, Meike Avner
Technical Coordination AdK: Wolfgang Hinze
Project Coordination AdK: Vanessa Bahlecke
Lights AdK: Frank Kwiatkowski
Sound AdK: Till Rotter, Christian Schweiger
Video AdK: Bert Günther
Stage AdK: János Kachelmann, Michael Piaskowski
Event Coordiination AdK: Thomas Luthardt