ON FIRE: LELEME by Lerato Shadi & SHADES OF A QUEEN by Mmakgosi Kgabi

After a great opening weekend we would like to invite you to the next two showings of our artistic exchange program ON FIRE. Please take notice that the program was changed for the upcoming weekend. Instead of GATES OF HELL by Fana Tshabalala we will present LELEME by Lerato Shadi.

7. / 8. MARCH 2014 @ STUDIO 44


In “Leleme”, the expression “mother tongue” is taken literally, as a departure point to explore how colonial language can be experienced physically. A negotiation of space is at stake, in the dynamics of hiding and revealing, enclosing, restricting, protecting. The prevailing themes in Lerato Shadi’s current body of work are a performative investigation into the politics of transformation, or transition, from absence to presence, subject to object, inclusion, exclusion and vice versa. Knitting, installation, video and sound are some of the media she uses to record this topical inquiries.

© Thomas Aurin

© Thomas Aurin


“Shades of a queen” is an experimental work investigating the constructs of identity. It evolves around rituals as important signifiers, and a fascination with intercultural exchanges that is certainly rooted in globalization. The creative process is based in personal experiences in public spaces i.e. conversations in taxi ranks, subway stations, airports, markets. “Omang? Who are you?…Who am I? I am a dusty feet traveller…An immigrant, a refugee, a traveller, a transient being, moving, shifting, crossing, riding, giving, taking, displaced and removed, a spawned street kid.” “I was spawned as the shoot of a veined directive relieved itself. Spawned as regret settled before rushing rivers of blood quietened. Spawned before whispers of my coming were ever muttered. Tuunikohaa!”

© Thomas Aurin

© Thomas Aurin


Tickets (both Shows): 16,00€ / reduced 11,00€

Please note that tickets for the showings are limited so book yours now at tickets@dorkypark.org

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