We are very happy to announce that from Wednesday 15th April on the four DokyPark dancers Adaya Berkovich, Emil Bordás, Thulani Mgidi and Miki Shoji will each offer a free online training everyday to help you stay fit and connected during the Quarantine!

Their workouts will hopefully make it easier for all professional dancers to keep on training and non dancers to keep up the energy and stay mentally and physically sane during the lockdown.

The classes will happen via Zoom and are free and open to everybody! To enable people in other timezones to join and to make the training fit in everybody’s quarantine-timetable, we scheduled different appointments in the morning and the evening. You can find the schedule and Zoom-links below.


To participate just click on the Zoom link of the class you would like to join! Each dancer’s class has its own Meeting Link that will stay always the same; No password or further invitation required.

So please stay safe and join us virtually in this new experience :)

h10-11 (UTC+2): Core, strength and stretch with Miki
Gain strength and energy and stay fit during the lockdown by joining our DorkyPark dancer Miki in her core training.
Zoom Meeting  https://zoom.us/j/99464071675
Meeting ID: 994 6407 1675

h11.30-12.30 (UTC+2): Improvisation class with Adaya
Join Adaya for a nice warm-up and Improvisation class!
Zoom Meeting  https://zoom.us/j/92900403854
Meeting ID: 929 0040 3854

h17-18 (UTC+2): Movement training with Emil
Use the chance to keep on moving at home and do a professional movement training with Emil.
Zoom Meeting  https://zoom.us/j/98997292968
Meeting ID: 989 9729 2968

h18.30-19.30  (UTC+2): Dance class with Thulani
Stay motivated during the quarantine and gain insight into DorkyPark dancer’s Thulani work by joining him in his dance class!
Zoom Meeting  https://zoom.us/j/94221612180
Meeting ID: 942 2161 2180

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