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by Constanza Macras | DorkyPark

@ El Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral (GAM), Santiago, Chile

Premiere 20th January, 17:00
21st January, 17:00
22th January, 15:00 (Streaming)

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In the past two months, Constanza Macras has been working remotely and in person with Chilean performers for a complete new version of her shows ALBUM / THE POSE. The show is being produced and having its world premiere as part of the Festival Santiago a Mil 2021. Together with the cast from Santiago and DorkyPark dancer Miki Shoji, she has worked on the performers’ personal history and material, creating a new and unique version of Album/The Pose while continuing to work on the themes of photography, memory and architecture in the unique atmosphere of the GAM in Santiago.

Constanza Macras divides this show into three parts, contrasting both dimensions and through her renowned interdisciplinary work that mixes dance, music and text and video montages. The first is about self-representation in the digital era; an abstract composition of images and GIFs follows, something very much influenced by artists such as Jeff Wall and Gregory Crewdson. The last part involves the composition of an analog image and as much complex narrative as can be transmitted by a single photo.

Santiago a Mil is a 3-week festival that welcomes all approaches and cultures. It’s an invitation to take part in unique events, share unforgettable experiences and to start conversations based on multiple artistic form.

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Open for Everything

Costume and props sale at Constanza Macras / DorkyPark

Costume and props sale at Constanza Macras / DorkyPark

Your wardrobe is crying for new looks? Do you need costumes for a new show? Constanza Macras / DorkyPark is hosting a big fundus sale!!

At our big sale on 31th October in Studio VERLIN, you can browse through some of our costumes, dresses and props. Everyone is welcome in our studio in Klosterstraße between 12 and 16 o’clock

Entrance with masks only. Limited number of visitors in the room. Sufficient air circulation and disinfectant will be guaranteed.

At a glance: 
What: Costumes and props sale at Constanza Macras / DorkyPark
When: Saturday, 31 October 2020, 12:00 – 16:00
Where: Studio VERLIN, Klosterstraße 44, 10179 Berlin
Admission: Free.

Kostüm- und Fundusverkauf bei Constanza Macras / DorkyPark

Eurer Kleiderschrank schreit nach neuen Looks? Ihr sucht nach Kostümen für eine neue Show? Constanza Macras / DorkyPark veranstaltet einen großen Fundus sale !

Am 31. Oktober könnt ihr bei unserem Kostüm- und Fundusverkauf im Studio VERLIN durch einige unserer Kleider, Kostüme und Requisiten stöbern. Zwischen 12 und 16 Uhr sind alle herzlich in unser Studio in der Klosterstraße eingeladen.

Eintritt nur mit Maske. Begrenzte Anzahl an Besuchern im Raum.
Für ausreichende Durchlüftung und Desinfektionsmittel ist gesorgt!

Auf einen Blick: 
Was: Fundusverkauf von Constanza Macras / DorkyPark
Wann: Samstag, 31. Oktober 2020, 12:00 – 16:00
Wo: Studio VERLIN, Klosterstraße 44, 10179 Berlin
Eintritt: Frei.


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