Darija Divan @ VERLIN

29 of May 2019
8 pm
30 of May 2019

8 pm

The Performances will take place @ Studio Verlin / Klosterstraße 44 10179 Berlin


by  Lea Pischke

in cooperation w/ Performing Arts Festival Berlin / 28 of May till 2 of June 2019 / www.performingarts-festival.de


The solo Darija Divan is an attempt of a “counter-integration” from one cultural realm into another.
Following the example of the Northafrican dialect Darija which has undergone substantial permutations over the centuries,
inspired by its liberty to draw from various linguistic sources, the choreographer Lea Pischke tries to create an “update »
of an architectural shape whose own successor represents a figure of dance: the arabesque.

In defiance of the course of history, she re-invents new itineraries of development for this style element,
from the Northafrican shores to Sicily, from the palaces of the Italian nobility during the Renaissance
to its arrival on the dancefloor of a random nightclub in Europe.

Frustration, risk of ridicule and misunderstanding are all present during her efforts to relentlessly expose her Arabic, her Arabesque to the audience.
Alongside an understanding of langugage and dance that oscillates somewhere between the factual and the fantastic, everyday communication slowly
enters into contact with experiences which seem to touch on the threshold of time.

Choreography/dance: Lea Pischke
Sounddesign: Giovanni Bonelli
Lightdesign: Santiago Martínez López de Tejada
Costume: Alice Fassina
Dramaturgical guidance: Guy Cools
With gratitude: Fatima Bahamou, Salim Moumou El Jeddaoui (Lessane Arabi Center Marrakech), Ahmed El Jakoubi, Loubna Ezzaki, Tamar Grosz, Dasniya Sommer, Dragan Strunjas

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01. of June 2019 (8 pm)
02. of June 2019 (8 pm)

The Performances will take place @ Studio Verlin


Klosterstraße 44 10179 Berlin

Emmanouela Dolianiti, Yuya Fujinami, Hristina Vasić Tomše

in cooperation w/ Performing Arts Festival Berlin / 28 of May till 2 of June 2019 / www.performingarts-festival.de


(EN) E T H E  R E A L (2019)…..  is made of dreams that come true for real, for fun, for the sake of a performance. Wishes whispered to the moon in the here and now. Do your dreams and reveries still make you magnetic, as they used to? And your fears – those little bugs haunting your nights? Transform your beast into a whirl that moves you and everything around you. Time is running out! Tic tac tic tac tic tac… Will your utopia still be on the horizon when the world wakes you up?

Choreography & Dance: Emmanouela Dolianiti & Yuya Fujinami Direction: Hristina Vasić Tomše Costume design: Minako Kubo & Yota Okuyama
Set & Graphic design: Paula Vidal
Music: Stefano Ciardi, Hristina Vasić Tomše
Stefano Ciardi
Music performance: Florian Hoffmeier, Hristina Vasić Tomše
Photo: Menelaos Liondos
Video & Editing: Arata Mori

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