Plataforma @ Verlin

2.&3. of August at Verlin 8 PM / Two Pieces in one Evening

Tickets: or +49(0)30 28 04 24 20



CRUDO/ROH is a segment open for works in progress. Artists are sharing their research and development to the public in a raw way in order to confront it and get feedback.

Sin dar la cara das la cara. (Work in Progress)

Joel Suarez_Cuba_Verlin_Plataforma 2019

A piece by Kiko Faxas and Mr. Azúcar.

Direction, creation and performance: Kiko Faxas and Mr. Azúcar.

Sound design: Kiko Faxas.

Lightting design: Kiko Faxas and Mr. Azúcar.

Visuals: Kiko Faxas.

Duration: around 30 min.


Contemporary society poses a challenge for today’s man. The development of the technological industry, smartphones, social networks and artificial intelligence implies a virtual panorama that appears for the first time in the history of mankind. In this sense, human relations with this virtual world occupy proportionally more time than relations with the physical world. We are living in an era where day-to-day consists of immersing ourselves in a sea of ​​data and this cybernetic experience seems to be more important than our relationships with the environment. In the middle of such a context the question of what roll the body plays, or materiality is important. Especially taking into account that the physical or corporeal part is the support of virtuality: without a body there is no human mind, without a human mind there is no virtual universe. However, the relationship with the body or the physical part in the virtual universe appears completely distorted: the artificial intelligences generate more and more landscapes and faces generated automatically without mediating physical element, the photographs that we make are manipulated by software to comply with some aesthetic canons that no longer come from the physical world, we tend to visualize in our social networks a narrative about our own life that does not correspond to reality, algorithms suggest ways to behave and many we follow without even questioning them. That is why an inquiry about the body in today’s society, and its relationship with the sea of ​​data that surrounds us is essential in our days.


Tizo All_Brasil_BIO_Plataforma Berlin 2019

A piece by

Tizo All – creator, performer

thanks to : Secret Hotel Aarhus -Denmark

Deliceiras 18 – Porto – Portugal

project granted  by Europea Cultural Foundation

photos: Maieck

video: Anton

Duration: 20 minutes


Are many questions that must be brought up to find points of discussion and understanding in terms of concept and to go towards new alternatives to the current models, of economy, politics and human society. Bio is not an answer, it’s a question mark  itself, in form of dance and performance.

Plataforma is supported by Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa – spartenoffene Förderung, Instituto Cervantes and the Spanish Embassy



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