The Pose 2-Thomas Aurin

© Thomas Aurin

THE POSE – a new site-specific work by Constanza Macras | DorkyPark – will premiere on July 9th in Akademie der Künste am Hanseatenweg with following premiere shows on July 10 & July 12 – 17. 

In THE POSE Constanza Macras continues her collaboration with Robert Lippok and deepens her research on the subject of memory, images and representation in relation to history and architecture on a more intimate level, taking an extended diachronic perspective and investigating the self-portraying of yesterday and today – from classical Portraiture through historical photo-documents to digital selfies. Are selfies signs of a serious narcissistic object relationship? Are we dealing here with a regression back to the “mirror stage,” as the psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan described it observing small children, who discover their own reflection for the first time.

In this 4-hour performance, Constanza Macras and the performers of DorkyPark leave the conventional dance theatre stage and lead the audience between the intimate spaces and monument stage pictures of the historical architecture of the Academy of Arts at Hanseatenweg. In this peripatetic walk through the parallel performances, in which walking and thinking are reconciled, the spectators experience the collective memories of the architectural space of Werner Düttmann.

The production is supported from the funds of the HKF – Hauptstadtkulturfonds. In cooperation with Akademie der Künste.

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