Save the date! The Pose in an old factory of the Siemensstadt

2_Thomas Aurin

Credit: Thomas Aurin

THE POSE by Constanza Macras | DorkyPark

@  Weiße Halle, Gartenfelderstr. 14-28, 13599 Berlin
H62W+Q5 Berlin

22.08.2021, 18:30
24.08.2021, 19:00
25.08.2021, 19:00
26.08.2021, 19:00
27.08.2021, 19:00
28.08.2021, 19:00
29.08.2021, 18:30

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THE POSE deals with memory, the photographic image and self -representation, posing questions about identity and its representation, the relationship between the digital and the analogue and the mnemonic character of photography. How are analogue memories and digital exercises intertwined? In which way are choreographic composition and photographic image similar forms of representation? From the (self-) staging of Selfies to the apparent authenticity of the analogue picture THE POSE takes the audience on a journey through the performers’ stories and histories, that examinates the fictionality and factuality of memory.

THE POSE is designed as a 3,5h long site-specific parcours that guides the spectator through different spaces of the unique former factory halls of Siemensstadt. With original music from Robert Lippok.

Regie und Choreografie: Constanza Macras
Musik: Robert Lippok

Von und mit: Candaş Bas, Alexandra Bódi, Emil Bordás, Chia-Ying Chiang, Rob Fordeyn, Luc Guiol, Sonya Levin, Thulani Lord Mgidi, Ana Mondini, Daisy Phillips, Miki Shoji

Bühnenbild: Laura Gamberg, Veronica Wüst & Chika Takabayashi Licht: Sergio de Carvalho Pessanha, Uli Kellermann Ton: Max Heesen Kostüm: Constanza Macras
Regieassistenz: Marie Glassl, Rosmery Rojas Kostümassistenz: Marcus Barros Cardoso, Valeria Nesis Adaptation Bühne: Elena Popova Produktion: Chloé Ferro Produktionsbüro: Sarah Lipszyc Administration/Management DorkyPark: Xiao Yu Technische Koordination: Stephan Schröder

Headphones provided by Silent Disco.

The show is in English with German subtitles

/!\ Please make sure to bring either a valid negative COVID-19 test result (no self test), proof of vaccination or recovery, plus your ID and a FFP2 face mask. /!\

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