by Constanza Macras | DorkyPark

@  HAU Hebbel am Ufer (livestream)

14.05.2021, 20:00 CET in livestream
15.05.2021, 20:00 CET in livestream
16.05.2021, 20:00 CET in livestream
22.05.2021, 20:00 CET (recorded stream)
23.05.2021, 20:00 CET (recorded stream)

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STAGES OF CRISIS was to be a stage version of the materials developed for the show FOREST: THE NATURE OF CRISIS, created in 2013 by Constanza Macras. The piece was to carry the converted fairy tales and the reminiscence of nature to another place: a supermarket where products present themselves as the biggest possible vortex to nature. The creative process started in 2019, was to be premiered in May 2020 and had to be postponed to May 2021. The context of the pandemic hangs over the long ago chosen title of the work…

Today, as the crisis deepens economically and ecologically, as humanity moves forward in denial of the harmful effects of digitalisation on the environment, and the place of the stage is largely in danger, the reality of theatre is put into question. The hierarchies of the stage, the fight about the “better” or “bigger” stage become obsolete when there are only empty theatres; Where are the questions about the audience numbers, who has a bigger platform, and where the hell is the Theatre Meeting? The piece transits between over-consumption and the global initiatives and reactions born on the internet, fed by a threatening horror vacui, the fear of nothingness, and cookbooks during lockdown. Individualism is in crisis but without searching to copy nature to find new collectivisms, a new way that fails because solidarity as such hasn’t established and predatory forms without a clear goal or pray prevail.

STAGES OF CRISIS will be premiered online as an exclusive live performance.

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