Produced by HipHop Academy Hamburg (DE) and Kampnagel (DE). With  the kind support of the Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.



In DISTORTION, Constanza Macras worked with eight performers from the HipHop Academy  Hamburg, and created a dance and theater piece that diffracts breakdance and hip-hop moves with keywords from political and media discourses.  In question is the definition of identity for ‘being German’ when one defines oneself in tune with the surrounding majority due to birth- and living circumstances, but is not represented in the general definition of ‘being German’. The piece opens up the chance for questions of identity and migration which certainly need a re-definition exceeding current determinations without just demanding it. One could say that DISTORTION is in itself ‘rough’ enough to fulfill. Die Zeit claims that “A choreography by Macras is finished when the stage lies in ruins at the end.”. Simultaneity, humor and group interaction is what makes this evening an event that isn’t just an exercise in a different aesthetics coming from the streets to stage, rather a piece rarely seen in the genre.


Director and Choreography: Constanza Macras

From and with: Felix Saalmann, Can Gülec, Franklyn Kakyire, Daniel Marques, Patrick Ndongo, Marco Groth, Jennifer Gifty-Lartey, Zoltan Lakatos, Viktor Rostas

Artistic Director Hip Hop Academy: Axel Zielke
Assistant director: Frerk Hillmann-Rabe
Repetitor: Elik Niv
Trainee director: Anna Németh
Costume design: Magdalena Emmerig
Musicians: Kristina Lösche-Löwensen, Alassane Jensen, Benji Asare, Guido Höper, Marc Wichmann

Production director: Sander von Lingelsheim
Production director DorkyPark: Katharina Wallisch
Administration DorkyPark: Aminata Oelßner
Assistant Production DorkyPark: Josephine Reinisch

Produced by HipHop Academy Hamburg (DE) and Kampnagel (DE). With  the kind support Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.



„‘Distortion‘ is the new work by Berlin based choreographer Constanza Macras created for dancers of the HipHop Academy Hamburg. The remarkable technical virtuosity of the performers in this piece is combined with social criticism and humor“.  Welt, February 2013

„Macras is skilled in creating impressive images on stage and adding social criticism to her artistic works […]” Nachtkritik, February 2013

„Macras transforms the hip-hop sub culture into contemporary dance and theater. As the title ‘Distortion’ reveals, in this piece she deforms hip-hop movements opening a space for the performers to talk about themselves and the way they are “german”. 3sat, February 2013