Sure, shall we talk about it?

Sure, shall we talk about it?

A production by CONSTANZA MACRAS | DorkyPark. Supported by NIKE.


SURE – SHALL WE TALK ABOUT IT? is a piece about the expectations put over the female body related to fitness, wellness and brands performed by 11 female dancers from different countries accompanied by three musicians.

The value of a thing is as much as it will bring a commodity appears a very trivial thing. But it is certain, in reality, a very queer thing. It is clear as noon-day. That man by his industry changes the form of the materials furnished by nature in such a way as to make them useful to him. The form of wood, for instance, is altered by making a table out of it value necessarily implies exchange riches do not.

Cast & Crew

Direction and Choreography: Constanza Macras
Dramaturgy: Carmen Mehnert

Performers: Claudia Catarzi, Florencia Lamarca, Gail Sharrol Skrela, Hyoung-Min Kim, Jill Emerson, Lulu Akkouch, Maike Möller, Nadia Cusimano, Nikeata Thompson, Tatiana Eva Saphir , Yeri Anarika Vargas Sanchez

Stage Design: Tal Shacham
Costume Design: Gilvan Coelho de Oliveira
Sound/ Video Operator: Peter Göhler
Lightning Design: Benjamin Hauser
Videographer: Michal Butink
Music: Claus Erbskorn, Kristina Lösche-Löwensen, Almut Lustig
Assistant Direction: Jared Gradinger
Stage Technician: Boris Helmdach
Costumes: Constanza Hoffmann

Production: DorkyPark | Katharina Wallisch
Tourmanagement: DorkyPark


“Feminine energy and self-irony, as well as women’s ability to look in each other’s eyes regardless of competition. “Sure – shall we talk about it” is a successful piece which widely expresses the inborn irony of Argentinean choreographer Constanza Macras. This exploding artist is currently one of the most intriguing choreographers on the dance scene in Berlin and all over Europe. Macras’ skill in structuring pieces is apparent in the striking rhythm of “Sure” and its perfectly appropriate timing. Her dance theatre is focusing both on dramaturgy and on a generous breath of choreography. Movement is finally back. There is something to learn from this Argentinean artist, she is showing us that contemporary dance can have rhythm and be fun.”Il Manifesto, October 2005