A production by CONSTANZA MACRAS | DorkyPark in coproduction with Volksbühne Berlin

© Thomas Aurin

Inspired by various strategies of Western societies and their worldwide influence – from Africa to Latin America – in The West fictional worlds are developed and the means for constructing visual landscapes – which have shaped the social-economic relations between “the other” and Europe up to the present day – are questioned. Exoticism as a projection of Western fantasy wish fulfilment and as aesthetic exploitation of the foreign in the empire of Western mass cultures. During the height of the Cold War, the CIA invested enormous amounts of money in a secret programme that supported cultural propaganda in Western Europe. In In the United States of Africa author Abdourahman Waberi shifts perspective to a reality in which the Western world no longer plays a role. The West sketches out an anthropological, performative study of Western civilisation and takes a humorous look at Western societies as a dream factory of artificial authenticity.

Constanza Macras | DorkyPark is funded by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa.


Premiere is on 26th February 2020


Concept, Direction and Choreography:  Constanza Macras
Dramaturgy: Carmen Mehnert
By and with: Candas Bas, Adaya Berkovich, Alexandra Bódi, Emil Bordás, Kostia Chaix, Fernanda Farah, Thulani Lord Mgidi, Daisy Phillips, Miki Shoji, Bastian Trost
Live music by and with: Almut Lustig, Katrin Schüler-Springorum
Stage design: Alissa Kolbusch
Costumes: Roman Handt
Lighting design: Sergio de Carvalho Pessanha
Assistant Director: Marie Glassl
Directing Interns: Agata Hrncirova, Anna Kereszty
Company Management: Atilano González
Production Management: Chloé Ferro
Production Office: Mike Rabenhorst, Natalia Laube