Workshop: FLOW ON THE MOVES @ VERLIN, Berlin

Dance and film workshop/ A training for all bodies

Cover_flyer_kleinCollectively enhancing the individual of each body.

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As part of the training we  add the generosity of our looks, using technology as an investigative tool of ourselves. During the training sessions, assistant and filmmaker Daniele Caetano shares her experience in front and behind the cameras helping us in this self-investigation body.

“Flow on the Moves”, a dance/film workshop involves a research meeting between politics, memory, body communication, and how each individual thinks and questions the relationship with their own art. Since architecture and political structure cross our histories, our behavior, posture and dance in today’s society, we’ll make a collective study by training our bodies, our looks so that we can develop and question performativity as a reflection of our actions.

Natasha Vergilio is a brazillian dancer, performer, bgirl, and body director at cinema. In Brazil, she works with artists from different areas, and believes in a body development based on historical construction of each human being.
Visit her work at:
instagram: @natashavergillio

Daniele Caetano is a brazillian filmmaker, photographer, and operator camera at cinema.With Natasha, she studies dance as a way of develop the movement of camera, and so together, they have been working as an authoral videomakers, creating videodance and experimental films.
Visit her work at:
instagram: @danncaetano

Dates: 14./15./16./17. May from 15H to 17H

Prices: 45€ (whole workshop)/ 15€ (daily class)

Reservations: or 030 28 042420

See the results of the workshop here:

Day #01 workshop

Day #02 workshop

Day #03 workshop

Day #04 workshop

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